The air conditioned facility of Sunshine Gymnastics is colorful and youthful. We strive to keep the waiting and observation areas comfortable for our parents. We offer state of the art equipment including: spring floor, 30' feet tumble track (trampoline), bars, rings, beams, foam pit and numerous wedges, octagons, soft landing mats, resi-pits to name the few. We maintain a clean and safe facility. At Sunshine, we are committed to provide a fun and safe learning environment.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide exceptional gymnastics instruction to children and adults of all levels of ability, and in so doing, to provide the foundations for a healthy and active lifestyle for the next generation.

Furthermore, to utilize quality instruction and individual attention as a catalyst for building self-esteem, self-discipline, responsibility, and inner strength while instilling those qualities for a lifetime of success.

Finally, to ensure a happy and healthy environment, where every child can realize their dreams.

Our Staff

 Ivan Guertchev -Mr. Ivan is the owner of Sunshine Gymnastics.

Bringing a diverse background to the sport of gymnastics he is now spent the better part of 30 years gymnastics experience competing, coaching, and developing gymnast from recreational classes through Competitive Elite program.

In addition to coaching, Mr. Ivan is respectful Women Gymnastics Judge.

He currently holds School of Judging: Women's Level 10 Rated, CPR, First Aid, USAG Professional Membership, U101: Safety & Risk Management,

USA Gymnastics University: Instructor and USAG Safety Certifications.

He has been involved in the sport of gymnastics since 1980 as a former collegiate gymnast, elite gymnast and coach in his native country of Bulgaria.

After graduating in 1995 from National Sports Academy, as Physical Education coach, he has worked as an acrobat in numerous Circus in Europe and Asia and for Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus in USA .

Since 1997 Mr. Ivan has been teaching recreational classes and coaching men and women competitive teams in the state of Pennsylvania. 

  Julianna James ​- Miss Julianna began doing gymnastics around 3 years old, starting off with mommy and me classes. Her mom always told her, that she could never sit still as a young child, so that’s how she got involved with gymnastics. She began progressing and eventually got into competitions. Julianna would spend hours in the gym and she loved it. She was a level 8 gymnast before having to withdraw due to ankle injuries.

Gymnastics has taught her how to be a strong and independent person.

After stopping gymnastics, she began to workout and got involved with running. She has done the Scranton Half marathon and participated in cross country and track.

She is currently a sophomore at Pittston Area High school. She is on the national honors society and take honor courses in school.

Julianna thinks having good grades and being an overall kind person will get you far in life. Julianna decided to teach gymnastics, because she likes helping people to learn and accomplish their goals.

She hopes to further her career at a local college in teaching or nutrition.

Nino Carachilo- Mr. Carachilo started doing gymnastics around the age of six. His father thought that gymnastics would be good side sport since he had just quit doing soccer.

Nino started off not liking the sport and was a troublemaker for a while. As Nino got older, he would eventually excel in gymnastics, practicing many hours a week. He began competing and enjoyed being a part of the team and competed up to level 5 before having to stop due to the gym closing down unexpectedly.

Gymnastics taught him how to become a better person in life and how important staying active is for your body. After stopping gymnastics, he started to focus on other sports like track, golf, and skiing. He currently is doing Pole Vaulting and has accomplished a height

of 10 feet 6 inches and still hoping to reach higher.

Nino is currently attending Scranton High School as a junior. He is on the national honor society and is taking various honors classes.

Nino decided to teach gymnastics because he remembered how much he had enjoyed doing it and wanted to bring the same joy to other kids. Nino thinks that being a kind and courteous person in life will get you far in life. He hopes to further his career by becoming an engineer in college.